Case Study 2 – Opening Windows of Opportunity

CART & Captioning Case Study II
“Opening Windows of Opportunity”

Over the last two decades, Lisa Richardson RPR, CRR, CBC, CCP, has provided Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services at weddings, birthday parties, graduations and funerals, as well as several Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing organizations in Minnesota. Many of the members of these organizations have become friends. By following the live dialogue that Lisa transcribes – projected on a screen through the CART system – their lives have been enhanced with their ability to fully participate in meetings and community events.

Lisa recalls two sisters in particular who experienced a transformation after having access to CART for the first time. When Linda and Phyllis first came to a meeting of Hearing Loss Association of America, Twin Cities chapter (then known as SHHH), they appeared shy and withdrawn, quietly observing the meeting.

After this first meeting, and their first experience with CART, Lisa says, “They were both crying, saying that since they´d lost their hearing, until this meeting, they´d never been able to fully participate in anything.”

As time went by, Lisa watched the personalities of both sisters blossom. One started a library for the chapter. The other sister went on to get a cochlear implant and started a local chapter of the then Cochlear Implant Association.

“To see their growth was just amazing, all because of the communication access through CART,” Lisa says. “That is the part of this business that I love. Oh, and the hugs I get from my clients.”