How We Work

Court Reporting Icon Court Reporting

In addition to local and nationwide scheduling with top-notch court reporters, Paradigm Reporting & Captioning has the capacity and knowledge to record, transmit and archive transcripts in a variety of print, audio and visual formats. We work with solo practitioners as well as entire legal teams on cases spanning from personal injury to complex nationwide litigation. You gain a level playing field through the impartial and service-focused culture at Paradigm.

Our hallmark is seamless technology that delivers accurate realtime and hard copy transcripts to multiple parties on short timelines. With our complimentary Paradigm Viewer, attorneys can download and view their transcript and video testimony synched side-by-side. It´s as easy as playing a DVD on your computer with segments that integrate into all leading trial presentation software packages.

Our clients enjoy, via our complimentary Paradigm Online Office (POO), secure online scheduling options, invoice viewing capabilities and 24/7 internet repository access to transcripts or exhibits, whether to view, download or print.

For more information on this service, see Court Reporting.


CART & Captioning Icon CART & Captioning

Paradigm Reporting & Captioning will consult with your project team to provide closed-captioning for any live or taped broadcast event. We schedule the captioners and set up the necessary captioning equipment to link with your program. We will also handle any troubleshooting during the event.

In addition, Paradigm offers Communications Access Realtime Translation (CART) services. You´ll work with top-notch broadcast captioners and CART specialists who capture and transmit verbatim to your audience in academic, professional and community settings. If you have a communications challenge and aren´t sure where to start, Paradigm´s innovative team will work through the hurdles with you to deliver a solution. We handle all setup and technical requirements, ensuring ease for your audience and cutting-edge access to information.

For more information on this service, see CART & Captioning.


Digital Videography Icon Digital Videography

The award-winning videographers at Paradigm Digital Videography will employ today´s latest technology to bring your witness to life.

You´ll appreciate Paradigm´s professionalism and attention to detail. Our award-winning videographers are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and media laptops to capture images while employing high-tech lapel microphones and professional backdrops to ensure the highest quality video available. As an added benefit, clients taking videotaped depositions through Paradigm will receive, in addition to their order, a complimentary Paradigm Viewer, a searchable DVD that contains your transcript synched precisely to your video testimony for easy review and insertion into any leading trial presentation software.

For more information on this service, see Digital Videography.

Worldwide Videoconferencing Icon Worldwide Videoconferencing

Paradigm Worldwide Videoconferencing offers two high-definition videoconferencing suites right in downtown Minneapolis for a variety of legal, business and organizational applications. Leave the scheduling and technical details to us while connecting with people across the country or across the globe.

The ease of videoconferencing surprises first-time users because it dispels perceptions of communication delays, picture distortion and challenges in sharing documents or presentations. Our high-definition suites give you the feeling that everyone is in the same room. Allow us to tape the meeting and provide you with a DVD or digital recording for future review. It´s an efficient and cost-effective solution for multiple depositions or other business needs.

For more information on this service, see Videoconferencing.