National Deposition Coverage

Over the course of her three decades in the court reporting industry, Paradigm President Jan Ballman has traveled extensively across the United States to build Paradigm’s national network of trusted affiliates.   These affiliate agencies are now found in every major metropolitan city in the country and are owned and operated by people we know and trust.

Paradigm directs and manages all details of our clients’ national and international deposition work to ensure continuity of quality across the case, no matter where the deposition is venued.   Our decades of industry experience, together with the strong relationships we hold across the country, combine to create a cooperative effort that ensures a seamless workflow.

Paradigm is your single point of contact for all of your court reporting needs, no matter where the deposition takes place.   We will find and schedule locations as well as confirm / cancel court reporters and videographers in any city in the country, and in many locations around the world.  Following the deposition, Paradigm takes control and produces both the transcripts and the videos, and houses all transcripts and exhibits on our online client repository, which is secured and password-accessible 24/7/365. We also synchronize all videotaped transcripts at no charge.