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This week, Paradigm Court Reporting’s 100 Days of Healthy Eating initiative challenged us to explore two new whole foods that we’ve never tried before.  A whole food is defined as a food that has one ingredient and that is not refined or processed.  Fruits, vegetables, brown rice, quinoa and lentils are all examples…(Read More)

Week 4:  October 22, 2012 The fourth week of our Paradigm court reporting’s Healthy Eating challenge was particularly…well, challenging.  The task?  Avoid deep-fried food and fast food.  Paradigm’s offices are situated in the heart of Downtown St. Paul and Downtown Minneapolis, which both have extensive skyway systems with dozens of tempting…(Read More)

Week 3:  October 15, 2012 For Week 3 of Paradigm Court Reporting’s 100 Days of Healthy Eating, our focus is on meat.  The challenge is to consume four servings or less of meat this week.  For many of us carnivores, this will prove to be a difficult challenge.  We are seeking out delicious vegetarian…(Read More)

Week 2:  October 8, 2012 The theme of Week 2 in Paradigm’s 100 Days of Healthy Eating initiative was “Eat Fresh.”  And folks, we’re not talking about Subway!  The challenge was to eat at least one fruit or vegetable with every meal.  Sure, this sounds simple enough.  But as our participants discovered, it…(Read More)

Week 1:  October 1, 2012 Paradigm just kicked off Week 1 of a 14-week, 100-day healthy eating initiative inspired by the blog 100 Days of Real Food, which emphasizes eating whole foods and eliminating processed foods from one’s diet. Our first challenge in this initiative is to consume three locally grown/raised…(Read More)

Happy Hallomeme!


By:  Nancy Gisch, RMR CRR, CLR “Trick or treat!”  Oh, how I loved to go out Halloweening with my friends, repeatedly screaming that phrase at each doorstep we darkened — and we darkened many in our small town, competing with all the other little monsters for a nearly endless supply of chocolate and sugary goodness. …(Read More)