2013 Paradigm Scholarship Recipients Named


Paradigm Reporting & Captioning is proud to support Anoka Technical College’s Court Reporting program by way of an annual scholarship program that seeks to award $1,000 to two students who demonstrate a spirit of perseverance, discipline, educational excellence, and financial need.    Students must be in their 180s or above.   Candidates are asked to take us on their court reporting journey by way of an essay.   Grades and instructor remarks are considered as well.

Because there is such a great need for financial support, especially at the higher speed levels (and those of us who went through reporting school can certainly relate to this), and because of the success in general of the court reporting program at Anoka Tech, the number of applicants for the Paradigm Scholarships continues to grow each year.   Because of the high quality of the candidates Jennifer Sati and her team are training, the selection process has grown exceedingly painstaking as well!    A number of years ago, in an attempt to ease some of the difficulty we were experiencing in choosing only two recipients, we added another phase to the selection process:   Personally interviewing the finalists.    I’m here to tell you that did NOT make the selection process easier.   In fact, it only made it more difficult meeting these hard-working , dedicated students who are struggling to make tuition while scrapping to get that last test at their current speed, all the while vividly visualizing Graduation Day.

Having said all that, Paradigm is pleased to announce our 2013 Scholarship Recipients:  Congratulations to Sarah Anderson and Lynnel Bruemmer!   We wish you the best of luck in your promising futures!