Paradigm’s 2018 Student Scholarship Presented to Callie Sajdera


Jan Ballman presents the 2018 Paradigm Scholarship to Callie Sajdera

Anoka, MN:  Paradigm is pleased to support Anoka Technical College’s judicial reporting program each year with an annual scholarship.  Recognized as one of the top reporting and captioning institutions in the country, Anoka Tech continues to impress all of us at Paradigm with the quality and caliber of their students, as well as their industry-leading graduation statistics.   Despite the very real shortage of reporters and CART-captioners that is being felt across the nation, Minnesota remains incredibly blessed to have highly qualified new professionals graduating from Anoka Tech’s program every quarter.

The Paradigm scholarship program exists to support Anoka Tech’s judicial reporting program, and in particular, to provide tuition assistance to a reporting student who has demonstrated grit, perseverance, positivity, and academic excellence—characteristics we greatly admire and that we know lead to court reporting and captioning success.

This year, the 2018 Paradigm scholarship was awarded to Callie Sajdera.   Callie’s application was supported by one of the highest-quality essays ever submitted, both in content and structure.   Within it we learned how Callie has endured not only the rigors of the curriculum and the emotional rollercoasters of the program, but also how she overcame the death of her beloved grandmother as well as a seven-hour weekly commute to and from school.

Callie’s ability to rise above these and many other barriers that can derail students from graduating, while maintaining a stellar grade point average throughout, truly impressed and inspired us.   It was an honor to meet Callie on May 8th and present her with Paradigm’s annual scholarship.