Paradigm Makes Trip to Madison, MN for Special WWII Veteran


Angie Ballman-Punton, Lisa Richardson, and Karen Larson pose with WWII veteran Jerry Haverberg.

Madison, MN:  Carlyle Larsen, a 2011 Paradigm Veterans History Project Day participant, expressed how disappointed his good friend, WWII veteran and fellow Madison, Minnesota resident Jerry Haverberg was to miss the opportunity to tell his war stories for the Library of Congress.  Mr. Haverberg couldn’t make the trip to Minneapolis because he is receiving hospice care from his home for terminal bone cancer.

Upon hearing this, Karen Larson, Carlyle’s interviewer, and Lisa Richardson, his court reporter, volunteered to make the three hour journey west to capture Jerry’s incredible story.

Jerry was part of the first batch of troops to be sent overseas after war was declared.  He was only 17 years old at the time.  He was captured in the North African campaign and was nearly executed.  He fought on the front lines against Rommel and his troops.

Angie Punton served as a stand-in videographer for the day, and our Paradigm team was able to capture Jerry’s story, not only for his family, but for preservation by the Library of Congress for generations to come.

3 Responses to "Paradigm Makes Trip to Madison, MN for Special WWII Veteran"
  1. Thank you for capturing the stories, or as we call them in our family, “whoppers” of Jerry. He was truly a courageous, generous, loving, and hilarious man. I am so proud to call him my grandpa!

    Jerry passed away peacefully early this morning but his memory and good humor lives on. Thank you for documenting part of his story!

    -Molly Everts-Haverberg

  2. The video is a special treasure to our family since my Dad’s passing on January 30, 2012. Your team gave Jerry an opportunity to leave a very personal gift to his family. His humor, charm, wisdom, and philosophies of life shine through during the telling of his World War Two experiences. Thank you for giving the Vets the honor that they deserve. You are doing wonderful work.