A Message to My Wife, The Court Reporter


By:  Brad Linnell

This goes out to Dana, my court reporter wife!  Years ago when you suggested I leave the corporate world and work with you as your “scopist,” without much thought, I agreed.  You and I were in kind of a spot at the time.  Our nanny was graduating from college and leaving us to begin her new career.  She was our kids’ support, and our backup while we were away at our jobs.  Who was going to fill that gap?  We decided it would be me!   I’ve been your scopist going on seven years now.   You’ve been with Paradigm since 2009.   Time flies!

One could say that a court reporter should have a Type-A personality.  Well, you certainly do.  Your family and friends will attest to that!   This is an attribute that, no doubt, has contributed greatly to your success in your chosen career of court reporting.  It is also a trait that is admirable…but at times can prove to be challenging to deal with!

Working alongside you has been a whirlwind journey.   Every day is different, with some days being a lot more challenging than others.   Your clients and their expectations certainly drive a big part of our family’s daily agendas / lives.   As  one example, you always call and ask how my day is going.  Now, while I know you’re interested because you care about me, I also know what you’re REALLY wondering is how many pages I’ve scoped and how many I have left.   The dynamic of us being a duo, a tag team with a common goal, can sometimes make it difficult to focus on anything other than “the pages.”  Yet we both know there’s a lot more to life and to us than how quickly we can turn around a deposition.   Of course, that’s a big part of who we are and what we do, but we don’t let it take precedence over other important aspects of our lives, as we wear many other hats and bear many other titles (parent, son, daughter, friend, volunteer).  Yet the nature of being a freelance court reporter means we need to get the deposition out whenever they need it, no matter what.   Some days this is hard to accomplish and can be hard on us.

Even after seven years, I still find myself having to assure you every now and then that  “The job will get turned in on time!  Doesn’t it always?”   Of course it does!  So the next time you have a doubt if we’re going to get it out, just remember the famous words of Bob Marley.   It will be my message to you:   “Don’t worry about a thing, ‘cause every little thing gonna be all right!”

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