Highly Credentialed Reporters & Captioners


Why Certifications Matter

The Claim:  Paradigm Reporting & Captioning’s team is quite possibly the most highly credentialed in America.

  • Q:   Why does that matter?   How does that affect me?
  • A:   All court reporters are highly skilled when they graduate.   For some, this is the end of their formal education, court reporting training, speed building, and testing.

Other court reporters continue to hone their skills, increase their speed and accuracy, and expand their knowledge base.   In the court reporting industry, this is quantified with certifications established and administered by the National Court Reporters Association.

Each set of letters represents speed and accuracy levels attained by reporters:

  • RPR – Registered Professional Reporter
  • RMR – Registered Merit Reporter
  • RDR  – Registered Diplomate Reporter
  • CMRS – Certified Manager of Reporting Services
  • CCP – Certified CART Provider
  • CBC – Certified Broadcast Captioner
  • AE – Award of Excellence
  • CRR – Certified Realtime Reporter
  • CLR – Certified LiveNote Reporter
  • RSA – Realtime Systems Administrators
  • DSA – Distinguished Service Award

Link to National Court Reporters Association Certifications

Unlike attorneys, whose fees are often based on experience, court reporters do not charge more based on their measured speed and accuracy capabilities.   The reason certifications should matter to attorneys is because they are an objective reflection of a court reporter’s skill level.   The faster and more accurate the reporter, the cleaner the rough draft, and the faster the final delivery… at no extra charge.

At Paradigm, we’ve created a culture that attracts and retains the most highly skilled reporters in Minnesota because we value, appreciate and honor reporters who continually advance their skills and industry knowledge through certification testing.

Just one more reason to UPGRADE TO PARADIGM!