What We Deliver

paradigm_stock_001Whether we are lobbying the state legislature for best practices in our industry, providing cutting-edge technology in high-profile court cases, or helping colleges and universities provide access to communication to deaf and hard-of-hearing students, Team Paradigm/Veritext is committed to delivering excellence.

Seamless Technology

Paradigm delivers the latest in audio, visual and web-based technology to capture, display, transmit and archive voice-to-text communication and video imaging.   We help clients leverage today’s most powerful litigation tools by delivering seamless realtime reporting services, digital videography, high-definition videoconferencing, and CART Captioning services.

Top-Notch Reporters

By recruiting and retaining Minnesota’s most highly talented and credentialed team of reporters, Paradigm brings experience and skill to every assignment, be it a personal injury case or complex patent litigation. Whether you need a single reporter for a short deposition in the Twin Cities area or a team of reporters for multitracked depositions that span months and states, Paradigm is equipped to deliver the service you need with unparalleled professionalism.

We are also a leading provider of closed-captioning and CART (Communication Access via Realtime Translation) services.   Paradigm’s CART Captioners have a passion for helping individuals who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, blind, as well as those who use English as a second language.   Often an approved ADA accommodation, CART & captioning services open doors to communication and information for our clients in classrooms, board rooms, auditoriums and sports arenas, providing a more level playing field to learn, work and recreate.

Cutting-Edge Culture

Paradigm/Veritext values innovation, collaboration, team-building and staying current in state-of-the-art industry offerings.  We appreciate, acknowledge and honor certifications and life-long learning.   We invest in our team, we mentor our new professionals, we strive to operate with integrity and best practices, and we continually work to build lasting relationships.

Level Playing Field

Our reporters proudly ascribe to the Code of Professional Ethics and Guidelines of Professional Practice of the National Court Reporters Association as well as the Minnesota Association of Verbatim Reporters and Captioners and the Society for the Technological Advancement of Reporting.