April 2017 Blog: Team Fargo Weaves Work with Friendship


IMG_0219By: Deanna Sager, RPR, RMR

We all have key people in our lives who influence and teach us along the way.  Let me tell you about two amazing ladies in my life I have been blessed to know, work with and call my friends.

In 1986 I met fellow court reporters Charla Pawlik and Paula Weber when I joined Norman Mark Court Reporting in Fargo.  I, of course, liked them both right off, but I had no idea how they would enrich my life and become like sisters to me.  I had no idea how many conversations we would have about commas and babies, capitalization and toddlers, sentence structure and teenagers, witnesses who mumble and husbands (and mumbling husbands).   Over the past three decades we have swapped tax planning strategies, software programs (mostly Charla patiently teaching Paula and me the ins and outs of the latest version), recipes, good books, and brief forms.  There have been meetings, professional seminars, lunches, birthdays, weddings, trips, plays, movies, getaways to the lake, along with endless discussions on punctuation, formatting, and job dictionaries.

In 2016, our shared work lives took a new turn when we met Jan Ballman, and shortly thereafter Norman Mark Court Reporting Service was acquired by Paradigm Reporting & Captioning.  We have been dubbed “Team Fargo” and have enjoyed becoming part of the Paradigm group.   In the months since the acquisition, Charla, Paula and I have become an even closer team and continue to collaborate, learn together and support each other.  We now know a little bit about RB Web 8, 1400 Rand Tower, and we have wonderful new colleagues and friends.

It’s hard to believe over 30 years have gone by!   That’s a lot of steno paper and testimony and miles on the road.   After three decades, I am still proud to call Charla and Paula my friends, and we look forward to our future as part of the Paradigm team.

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