April 2018 Blog: Taking the Leap: Converting to a New Phone


Have the brains at Apple finally found a way to make it seamless?!

By:  Angie Ballman Punton


Hi, I’m Angie.  I’m a Type B, soon-to-be mother of two.  I have 5,715 unread Gmail messages, and 10,188 photos on my phone.  (Approximately 10,000 of those of photos of my three-year-old, Caroline.)  If you’re Type A, you can’t imagine how I live like this, right?   It’s just the way I am.  #bornthisway

Not long ago, my 32-gig iPhone 6 was *shockingly*almost out of storage.  After 2.5 years, it had slowed to an unacceptable speed–whether due to its geriatric status or the fact that it was packed to the gills with data.  No matter, it was time to move on.  And I was dreading it.

Is it just me, or would you rather have a root canal than spend three hours at T-Mobile shopping all the newest technology then hearing all about the latest and greatest in contract-free phone plans and how you can get one free if you buy one.  And add another line.  (Wait.  I don’t need another line.   So it’s not really free then, is it, if I have to pay for another line every month???)   And for Type Bs like me who haven’t done anything to diligently ensure that those tens of thousands of pictures are properly saved and will therefore all transfer to the next device, buying a new phone is especially anxiety-producing.   And just how long am I going to have to stand there and wait for all my data to transfer?

Still, sooner or later, we all must take the plunge and head to T-Mobile (or Verizon.  Or Sprint.) and update our cell phone.

Long story short:  Wow, have times changed since the iPhone 6.   Not only did all 10K+ photos transfer seamlessly; all of my apps, all of my texts, all of my email and my entire call log also did… in literally minutes!  Even my lock screen with my daughter’s picture transferred.   MIND BLOWN at how far we have come, how fast and efficient the technology has become, and how much has changed in so little time.    One day, I will be telling my kids, “When I was your age, it took all day to update your phone!”  I am starting to feel like my mother!

Here’s my point:   Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that even millennials like me can’t keep track of its progress.  The technology in my new iPhone will be outdated before I learn all of its features.  But you know what?  I LOVE it!   Change is good!  In fact, it’s (mostly) great!    Who among us would want to go back to the days of flip phones and a screen that was about the size of a matchbook?  (Okay…I do see a few hands being raised out there, but the rest wouldn’t give up the ability to Facetime  for free with anyone in the world for love nor money!)   The fact is, whether we want it to or not, or whether we like it or not, change is coming.  And faster than ever before.  Why not just embrace it?   Take advantage of it!  Even leverage it!   As for me and changing technology:  I’d rather be a lover than a hater!   What about YOU?

We already know this.  Sometimes we are resistant to change.  We see this in our niche industry of court reporting; we see it in our retail, transportation, grocery shopping.  Maintaining the status quo doesn’t cut it anymore.  And while sometime these rapid technological changes are scary, you can’t help but applaud and appreciate the strides technology has made your entire life is able to be transferred from phone to phone in a matter of minutes.  Thank you, Apple, and all they’re competitors for striving to be the best you can be!