Audio Transcription

Transcriptions GraphicAllow Paradigm to transcribe your audio files to receive the most independently accurate transcript available.

Court Reporters are universally recognized as neutral Officers of the Court who render transcripts that are regarded as the official record.

When Court Reporters transcribe audio files of hearings, meetings, mobile device recordings, dispatch calls, call center recording, sworn testimony and the like, their transcripts contain their officially notarized Court Reporter Certificate that sets out their  independence and neutrality and role as an Officer of the Court.

The Court Reporter’s recognized and respected role in the judicial system, coupled with their unparalleled expertise in transcribing the spoken word, results in the highest quality transcription available, and a finished product that is generally accepted on its face as an accurate, neutral, certified transcript*.

*Please note that the quality of the transcription is greatly dependent upon and impacted by the quality of the audio file.

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