Celebrating the Court Reporting Profession – National Court Reporting & Captioning Week 2015


Three years ago, the National Court Reporters Association began the tradition of Court Reporting & Captioning Week.  The third week in February was set aside not only to honor court reporters and captioners and celebrate these amazing professions on a national level; its creation also served to inspire and encourage others to learn more about this ever-evolving, challenging and rewarding career.

When you tell someone that you’re a court reporter, most will envision one of two things:   They assume you’re either a newspaper or television reporter covering the courts, or they think envision you in a courtroom working for a judge.   While the latter is definitely one of the roles we fill, many people don’t realize that there are several other ways in which court reporters and captioners leverage their ability to instantaneously and accurately translate voice into text to make a living.

NCRA President Sarah Nageotte explains that, in addition to court reporters who work in the court system, and freelance court reporters who serve as officers of the court and capture sworn testimony for civil lawsuits, hearings, meetings and arbitrations, “broadcast and CART captioners do wonderful work to help better the lives for millions of Americans who are deaf and hard of hearing by providing captioning in real time for live sporting and theater events, church services, movie houses, and many other venues.”

We are fortunate in Minnesota to have one of the top court reporting programs in the country at Anoka Technical College, which is directed by a veteran working court reporter, Jennifer Sati.  Prospective students will be happy to know that in 2014, NCRA hired Ducker Worldwide to perform an independent study of court reporting and captioning jobs.  The findings project that there will be literally thousands of job openings throughout the United States within the next five years.  The demand for professionals in this lucrative and exciting space is high and will only continue to grow.   The skill sets that lay the groundwork for success in this profession include a solid understanding of the English language, finger dexterity, and a strong sense of dedication and discipline.

Would you, or someone you know, be interested in learning more about court reporting?   Click here for more information: http://www.crtakenote.com/about-court-reporting/