Is it Just Me?


Andrea NewBy:  Andrea Tungland Heairet, RMR, CRR, CLR

Do you ever wonder about the nature or nurture question when it comes to becoming a successful reporter?   Did years in the court reporting industry make us this way, or are we good at what we do because of the way we’re made?

A few things I’ve observed about the lot of us:

We tend to have perfectionist tendencies.  I personally like to consider myself a reformed perfectionist, partly because I have two sons, and kids tend to help you ratchet those expectations down a few notches; and partly because I’m on the best side of 50, and so many things just aren’t that big a deal anymore.  The profession certainly rewards Type A personalities.  I just don’t know how you could do well without a bit of that thrown in the mix.

We don’t need to be the center of attention.  We’re quite content in the background.

This may be the reason we’re self-starters and don’t need someone hovering over our every move.

We really do love words and the English language.  And it’s sometimes difficult finding someone to play word games with us.

Which leads to… all that signage out there, we have a love/hate relationship with it.  We love that we can pick out an error instantly, but just can’t understand why no one proofs these signs that are out there for the whole entire world to see.

We read books and enjoy learning new stuff and probably play/played an instrument at some point in life, enjoy cooking and/or crafting – that whole “hands” thing.

And then there’s those career-disaster-related dreams.  Mine was always that I’m taking a job at the beach, forgot my writer, so I’m writing in the sand, and the tide is coming in.  Haven’t really had that one for years, but the first 15 years of my career it took up a disturbing amount of dream time.

This one might really just be me, but I’m curious if any other reporters have an unusual attraction to office supplies.  And nice pens and pencils.  And really nice cardstock.  I have way too many “really nice” pens in my purse (lipstick/Chapstick too, but that’s probably a whole other blog).  Every time I clean out that thing, I wonder how in the world I got so many pens, and why would I possibly need them all.  I could spend hours in an office supply store.   I love paper and folders and calendars and containers and Post-It notes and all those funky clips and magnets and tags.


Based on my Pinterest Court Reporting board and what others Like/Pin, we can be a sarcastic bunch.


If you’re a reporter and you see yourself in any of these, welcome to the club.  If you’re not a reporter but still see yourself in this article, maybe you should consider switching careers.  But mostly, maybe our idiosyncracies are quite normal, no matter what our friends and family say.

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  1. a good office supply store to a reporter is like a good hardware store to a handyman!

    great article