Realtime Finals For Real? Work Hard But Work Smart


Anne HegermancropBy:  Anne Hegerman

You are a realtime court reporter. You are talented, confident, and you know what it takes to be on point for a realtime court reporting job. It takes preparation, a lot of it, and physical and mental endurance on the job, a lot of that, too.  So when you learn that your next court reporting job is not only realtime but that the final transcript is needed by the next morning, you have hours and hours of work ahead of you, likely overnight, to get that final transcript out. (Insert dollar signs here!) But uff da, you’re looking at a mentally and physically exhausting next 24 hours. Or are you?

Enter the “work smart” phase of delivering realtime finals.

I find it odd to type these next words, because I am by no means a “techie” individual, but here goes:  Thank God for technology!

Not only are you a talented realtime court reporter, but you’ve also embraced the power of cutting edge technology available to court reporters. When you type “END/END” at the conclusion of your all-day realtime proceedings with a rush final transcript order, you can smile big knowing that the final transcript is nearly, if not already, complete.

You see, the entire time you were working physically on the job, you were realtime file sharing with your scopist. Your scopist was connected to your realtime, allowing him or her have access to the full file, editing and preparing the final transcript before the actual realtime feed is even sent. Not only has your realtime feed come out impeccable, but when you leave that job after that long, long day, your day is done. There is no overnight workload ahead of you.

I encourage every realtime court reporter to embrace the cutting edge technologies that are available to court reporters, even, if not especially, us “non-techie” types. I have been a realtime court reporter for five years, and in that short span I’ve experienced many advances myself, and in so embracing these realtime court reporting technologies, it has given me back my time. Life is busy. Work hard, work smart, and still have the time to celebrate your successes at the end of the day.