Paradigm Co-Sponsors Legal Wine Lovers Event


Sieben, Grose, Von Holtum & Carey attorneys "Know Their Whites...and Your Rights."  Pictured here: Marcia Miller, Shannon Carey, Paradigm President Jan Ballman, and Susan Holden.

Bloomington, MN – Paradigm Court Reporting & Captioning was pleased to co-sponsor Minnesota Women Lawyers Legal Wine Lovers tasting “Know Your Whites” with the Minneapolis “Know Your Rights” attorneys at Sieben Grose Von Holtum & Carey.  The white wine tasting took place at Blue Point Restaurant in Bloomington, Minnesota.

All LWL attendees were greeted with a crisp and refreshing pour of Santa do Terrosa pinot grigio from upon arrival—a delicious Italian white.  The blind white tasting that ensued included Snoqualmie Sauvignon Blanc (Washington), Montinore Riesling (Oregon), and Trapiche Oak Cask Chardonnay (Argentina.  The three wines were placed side-by-side, while each taster examined the smell, color, “legs,” and flavor of each, without knowing the types of wine in front of them.  But as the tasters learned, be sure not to “Jagger your glass!”

This was the sixth event for the LWL group.  The MWL Legal Wine Lovers is a group of MWL members who enjoy tasting and learning more about wine and wine-related topics. Our goals are to increase our wine knowledge, provide educational opportunities by inviting guest speakers who industry experts or leaders, meeting new members using a common interest as the draw, networking, and FUN!  Paradigm President Jan Ballman founded this group in 2011.