Transitioning From Student Court Reporter to Working Court Reporter


By: Anne Hegerman

The first time my fingers hit the keys on my writer, I knew that court reporting was for me. When I made the decision to go back to school and pursue a career in this field, I knew that it was going to be hard and I quickly learned that it was 100 percent harder than I thought it would be. Passing that last speed test is forever etched in my memory. It felt like I was a student court reporter one moment and a “real” court reporter in the next moment. In that one instant, just like that, I was done! I was no longer a student! The hours of practice, the angst of each and every speed test, it was all done. I was ready to work, right?

The first thing I learned out in the real world of court reporting is that it is nothing like school. School was safe and predictable, with short and concise transcripts (ten pages!), the speakers were consistent and appeared every time, and class always, always, always ended on time.

A little real-world experience later and I have learned the importance of having a solid support team behind you, both at home and professionally. I have learned that all the hours of practice and studying have been worth reaching this point. I have learned that there is still a much higher point to reach than this and that it is indeed good to keep working to be better and become certified — as in credentials and not institutionally, that is.

Last, but not least, I have learned that transitioning from a student court reporter to a “real” court reporter was not only 100 percent harder than I thought it would be, but 100 percent worth it.

One Response to "Transitioning From Student Court Reporter to Working Court Reporter"
  1. I am predicting a spectacular future for you, Anne — not only as a reporter, but as a human being (and I am in a position to know)!