Why People are Turning to Court Reporters to Transcribe Audio Files


Mary BWBy:  Mary Mitchell – RDR, CRR, CCP, AE, CLR

Is it worth it to hire the services of a certified court reporter to have an audio file transcribed, be it a 10-minute mobile device recording or a multiple-hour meeting or hearing?

The short answer is yes.  And here are the reasons why:

LISTENING SKILLS – Through experience, a court reporter has developed a keen skill of listening and can decipher difficult-to-hear homonyms, synonyms, and common and not-so-common slang terms and colloquialisms.

SPELLING EXPERTISE – A court reporter has the knowledge, experience and resources to distinguish proper contextual spellings.

RESEARCH KNOW-HOW – A court reporter knows when it’s appropriate to go deep into researching spellings from context, rather than guess, which makes the finished transcription more useful to the end user.

FAST TURNAROUND – A court reporter’s skill of timely capturing the spoken word from an audio file and creating a finished transcribed product for your use is incomparable.

ETHICS and CERTIFICATION – Though a court reporter was not present at the time of the spoken word when the audio file was created and, therefore, didn’t have the ability to contemporaneously clarify spellings, muffled speech and/or overlapping speaking, because of the ethical code of conduct that each certified court reporter is bound by, you can be assured that the court reporter will persist in listening and re-listening to the audio file to make sure the finished product is as accurate and complete as possible, and will certify that the transcript constitutes an accurate verbatim stenographic record captured from an audio recording, and that the court reporter has no financial interest nor any contract with any parties, attorneys, or persons with an interest in any action related to the transcription that would affect or have a substantial tendency to affect the court reporter’s independence or neutrality.

HELPFUL HINT FOR GREATER ACCURACY OF AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION – It might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s helpful to keep in mind that the better the quality of the recording of all voices, the more accurate and complete the finished transcribed product will be.

5 Responses to "Why People are Turning to Court Reporters to Transcribe Audio Files"
  1. I can totally see why people would want to hire court reporters to do transcribing like this. From what I understand, court reporters are paid to type down every thing that is said during a court room case so that they have an exact record of it on file. It only makes sense that they would have the skills do this kind of work and to do it well.

  2. Thanks for the post. I really like that court reporters are able to have such a fast turnaround. I think time is of the essence when dealing with important matters. I also like that they are able to capture the audio files. I think that can really make it much easier for read back and for clarity.

  3. I had no idea that court reporters were so versatile. It’s great that they can be used for different things, like transcribing audio files. Maybe I will hire a court reporter to transcribe my vlogs because they work fast. Thanks for the idea!

  4. I love the idea of using a court reporter for transcribing! I’m often out of the office when we have our big meetings and they always send me a recording when I’m not there. I try to listen to it, but a lot of the time it is really hard to understand. I’ll have to see if I can hire a court reporter to help me out with it so I can maybe read it instead.

  5. The other day my daughter’s friend was telling me about his interest in becoming a court reporter, so I thought I would do a little research on what that is and why they’re necessary. It is so true that a job like that would require really great listening skills that would enable them to understand lots of less common words and slang. In my opinion, the more experience you have doing a job like this, the better you’ll be at it. I’ll be sure to remember this the next time her friends come over.