A Hidden Advantage for Minnesota Court Reporters


By: Angie Ballman Punton

Breaking News!  Minnesota is experiencing another COLD winter.  Today is well below freezing again.  Last week we experienced “high” temperatures below zero.  That’s right…there was a minus-sign in front of the high temperature.

As I was walking to meet a client three blocks away this afternoon, I peered down onto the street level at the slippery sidewalks and shivering pedestrians and couldn’t help but be thankful to live in this crazy-weather state.  Because while Mother Nature gives us the extreme cold in the winter months and oppressive heat in the summertime, Minnesota has adapted with a beautiful thing called the skyway system.  What a truly amazing advantage to have both Downtown St. Paul and Downtown Minneapolis.

These walkways in the sky are especially convenient for Paradigm court reporters and videographers who tote their equipment from Point A to Point B.  Over breaks, they can grab a coffee or lunch and never be exposed to the elements.  For out-of-town attorneys coming into the Twin Cities for depositions, they too are a short indoor walk away from our office to their hotel, dining options, banks…even entertainment and sporting venues!

Visiting the Twin Cities and unfamiliar with the system?   There is an app for that!  The Minneapolis Skyway Tour app will help you navigate the largest continuous skyway system in the world!

For out-of-town attorneys who are a little leery of visiting our great state of Minnesota, keep in mind that videoconferencing depositions are a great option too.  Skip the hassle at the airport and conduct the deposition from wherever you are.  Be assured that our high-definition videoconferencing system and secure connection will make you feel like you’re here…even if you are not.

For questions about videoconferencing or scheduling a deposition in Minneapolis or St. Paul, contact Paradigm today!