Anoka, MN – Paradigm Reporting & Captioning, a Veritext Company, was pleased to present two $1,000 scholarships to students in the Judicial Reporting/Broadcast Captioning program at Anoka Technical College on May 16th.   Company Representatives Jan Ballman, RPR, CMRS, FAPR; Merilee Johnson, RMR, CRR, CBC, CCP, CRC, RSA; and Angie Ballman Punton were on hand…(Read More)

Paradigm Reporting & Captioning, Minnesota’s largest court reporting and captioning agency and home to the State’s most highly certified reporters and captioners, is pleased to announce its partnership with Veritext Legal Solutions, the national leader in litigation solutions, becoming their platform agency in Minnesota and North Dakota.  The partnership perfectly pairs top local…(Read More)

Anoka, MN:  Paradigm is pleased to support Anoka Technical College’s judicial reporting program each year with an annual scholarship.  Recognized as one of the top reporting and captioning institutions in the country, Anoka Tech continues to impress all of us at Paradigm with the quality and caliber of their students, as well as their…(Read More)

Have the brains at Apple finally found a way to make it seamless?! By:  Angie Ballman Punton @angelanicolebp Hi, I’m Angie.  I’m a Type B, soon-to-be mother of two.  I have 5,715 unread Gmail messages, and 10,188 photos on my phone.  (Approximately 10,000 of those of photos of…(Read More)

In honor of Court Reporting & Captioning Week 2018, Paradigm’s Director of Client Relations Angie Punton interviewed Jennifer Sati, RMR, CRR, CRC, CRI.  Jennifer is the Program Director and instructor for Judicial Reporting and Broadcast Captioning atAnoka Technical College in Anoka, Minnesota.  She serves on NCRA’s Board of Directors, and is the Board…(Read More)

By: Jan Ballman, FAPR, RPR, CMRS Has this ever happened to you:  Just about the time you start thinking you’re pretty good at something, you get schooled! Paradigm has spent years, quite literally, training and trying to become Best in Class in customer service in the court reporting and captioning industry.  We even underwent…(Read More)

By: Lisa Richardson, RPR, CRR, CBC, CCP, DSA-MN I would have thought that after, ahem, 40-plus years in the court reporting and CART/captioning field, I had seen it all and experienced every possible job scenario.  Well, not quite, as it turns out!  But, isn’t that one of the best parts of…(Read More)

Minneapolis, MN:  Minnesota Lawyer just announced its first-ever Reader Rankings, a recognition program set out to highlight the top companies that support the Twin Cities legal community.  Paradigm Reporting & Captioning was honored to be named top choice in three categories by Minnesota Lawyer readers for the 2017 list:  1) Best Court Reporter &amp…(Read More)