Happy Hallomeme!


By:  Nancy Gisch, RMR CRR, CLR

“Trick or treat!”  Oh, how I loved to go out Halloweening with my friends, repeatedly screaming that phrase at each doorstep we darkened — and we darkened many in our small town, competing with all the other little monsters for a nearly endless supply of chocolate and sugary goodness.  And then there was always a house or two that gave out homemade popcorn balls that were caramelly and soft.  Or pencils.  Eeek!

Those were the best of times, running around in the dark, dressed in whatever costume we could come up with, stopping only when chancing upon one of the older kids – those teenage brothers who would later raid our stash  – soaping the windows of an unlit house.  Yeah, they really weren’t bad kids, using soap bars instead of wax to place their inane comments as a public display of the rebels they dreamed of becoming.

Now, as October 31 approaches, it has become suddenly apparent that a few years have passed since those Halloweens of my youth.  When asking the kids next door what they would be dressing as, the ten-year-old said that he and his little brother were going as memes.  My court reporter’s brain quickly corrected that and understood “mimes” was the intended word.   How cute, the kids are going to be mimes.  Then he added that they would be breading their cats – what?!  With alarming swiftness, my brain again did the spelling puzzle and knew immediately that he meant to say “breeding,” but then, just as swiftly, realized that didn’t make sense.  Meanwhile, the accommodating child ran to the kitchen and returned with his cat, her face framed in a slice of bread.  He also suggested that I could catch up by hopping on the computer and doing a quick search for the latest meme.  Latest meme?  (Meme:  a concept that is imitated and spreads like a virus via Internet.)  Who is this kid?

Oh, boy, what to give out for treats this year.   Maybe a slice of bread.  You know you’d like in on the world of memes.  Here, kitty-kitty!  P.S. Breading a cat is much more difficult than it looks…

Happy Hallomeme!

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  1. Nancy! I always knew you to be a talented writer with a steno machine, but who knew you were this talented with a pen (or should I say a keyboard)?