October 2013 Blog: A Celebration of Motion


oct 2013By: Nancy Gisch – RPR, RMR, CRR, CLR

October in Minnesota and Wisconsin is a time of Mother Nature toying with us, exposing her vainglorious boasting of possible weather conditions, and promising to settle into a period of frigid reset.  It is a month in which many cycling enthusiasts endeavor to take advantage of every biking opportunity, adding insulating layers beneath rain gear and gleefully watching our odometers spin out of control.  We feel a never ending quest to exceed whatever distance was logged the prior year.

Something extraordinary happens when you hop on a bicycle and roll forward.  Whatever your path has been, whatever your destination may be, that moment of swinging your leg over a bike and landing in the saddle is the beginning of a new adventure.  You become the engine that powers your vehicle.  Within a very short span of time there is a heightened awareness of who you are and what you are capable of doing.  As you push your limits, previously silent muscles will burn and satisfaction will grow as you crest that insurmountable hill or finish that extra mile.

As a court reporter we are often confined to a chair and movement is very limited.  Transform into a bicyclist and it is a continuous celebration of motion for your entire being, from head to toe.  Whatever your level of challenge may be, reaching out for that goal and owning it is incredibly emancipating.

Embrace October and all that it offers, for winter is just around the corner again!  When it arrives and cold-weather sports are again routine it will be invigorating.  Until then, while the paths are still clear, the bike trails are calling.  Hope to see you out there!

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