A Tribute To A Fargo Legend


Jan Ballman & Norman Mark
Jan Ballman & Norman Mark

By:  Jan Ballman, RPR, CMRS

As someone who has owned and operated a court reporting agency for 26 years, my hat is off to my colleague and friend Norm Mark, who packed up his steno machine for one last time in September, this time for good, ending a 53-year reporting career and 46 years as the owner and operator of Norman E. Mark-Court Reporter Service.

All court reporters can fully appreciate the dedication, the resilience, the aptitude, the competence and the stamina necessary to report for 53 years!  It is a feat accomplished by few.   We reporters know how challenging the profession is, not only from a physical standpoint, but from an intellectual and technological standpoint as well.   To have reported and successfully operated an agency for essentially half a century tells you a lot about Norm Mark.

Right up until the day of his retirement, Norm was  ready, willing and able to report that last-minute call-in, drive hundreds of miles to that remote venue in which his client had a witness, or just jump on the calendar because his “tachy phalanges” were desperately needed that day.

A Registered Merit Reporter, Norm remained a member in good standing of the National Court Reporters Association throughout his career, and was involved in and supported state court reporter associations and bar associations alike, right up to his retirement.

Norm hired, mentored and employed countless reporters and staff members over the span of his career; he reported tens, if not hundreds of thousands of hours of legal proceedings over the course of 53 years; he built a business worthy of acquisition; and he leaves behind a legacy of court reporting excellence that lives on in Norm Mark Court Reporter Service.

You don’t say “court reporters” in Fargo today without someone mentioning the name Norm Mark.   That’s what I call a local legend.

So CONGRATULATIONS and Happy Retirement to you, Norm Mark—Court Reporter, Firm Owner, Colleague, Friend… Legend.

2 Responses to "A Tribute To A Fargo Legend"
  1. Jan – That was very complimentary, but I’m not even a legend in my own mind – just very fortunate. Not only did my health persevere (most of the time) over the years, but I was fortunate to associate with some super reporters and clients. The latest highlight was the opportunity to collaborate with you, Paradigm and your Super Staff! Thank you for assisting my next chapter of fading into the Southwest sunshine. My Very Best to all of you – and we will stay in touch! Norm

  2. Congratulations on a fantastic career, Norm! I very much enjoyed working with you. Enjoy your retirement!