October 2017 Blog: Mac v. PC: An “Apple-to-Apple” Comparison for Court Reporters


MAriBy: Mari Skalicky, RPR, RMR

I have been exclusively using a Mac computer to run my StenoCat software day in and day out for eight years, after using a PC for decades.   I remain thrilled that I took the initial plunge to make the switch.  Here are a few reasons why…

Did you know you can easily turn your Mac into a virtual PC machine simply by loading programs such as ‘Parallels’?  There are a handful of similar software programs that will do the same thing:  VMware, VirtualBox and Boot Camp, to name a few.  Parallels, in essence, creates a PC within my Mac, which allows me to then run my CAT software off my MAC.  In fact, some computer users say the new ‘OS X System’ enables Windows to perform better on a Mac than on a PC!  I personally have found Parallels to be reliable, safe, easy to use, and intuitive to navigate.

Macs are a closed system, meaning the hard drive is basically a solid-state chip system.  The relevance of this?  No more crashes!  My Mac has literally never crashed once (knock on wood!).   And the relevance of that for me has been no more panicked all-nighters reloading software and files.

All Macs are made of sturdy, aluminum shells; hence, their slightly higher price tag.  It’s well worth the extra money.  I’ve found them to be extremely durable.  I’m pretty hard on things.  Those close to me   frequently complain, “Mari, you’re at war with the material world,” so I appreciate the toughness of my Mac, especially when I’m transporting it here and there every day to court reporting jobs.

While Macs don’t crash, their operating system isn’t completely immune to viruses.  You still have to be vigilant; however, viruses pop up far less in Macs than they do in PCs.

I really like the built-in hibernation feature in the Mac that kicks in when you close the lid.  Closing the lid automatically puts your Mac to sleep, saving your battery.  When you open the lid, it pops right up and you’re ready to go.  No glitches or hang-ups like the ones I inevitably experienced doing that with my PC.

The single most impressive feature about my Mac is the ease of synchronization of all my devices and apps–my iPhone, iPads, Find My iPhone, Photo Library, et cetera–to my computer.   Let’s say I was somewhere without my computer and suddenly I needed to get something out for work.  I can quickly and easily download all my files and dictionaries from iCloud onto any computer and get to work within minutes.  The peace of mind of realizing that is priceless in my book.

So the next time you’re looking at new computers, check out the Mac.  It may just become the Apple of your eye!