Paradigm Attends MDLA Women Lawyers’ Breakfast


Minneapolis, MN:  Paradigm Court Reporting & Captioning was pleased to attend the inspirational panel of women attorneys at the Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association Women Lawyer’s Breakfast at Windows on Minnesota in the IDS Center downtown Minneapolis.  The panelists featured Chief Justice Lorie Gildea – Minnesota Supreme Court, Sara Grewing – St. Paul City Attorney, Carrie Daniel Russell – Associate General Counsel and Assistant Secretary at Graco Inc., and Rebecca Egge Moos – Shareholder at Bassford Remele.

The panelists discussed networking, mentors, and the unique challenges that women face as they advance in the legal profession, as well as the challenges they personally had to overcome to get where they are in their respective careers today.

Ms. Egge Moos put it simply:  “Be the best person you can; be the best lawyer you can be.”  As the first female attorney at Bassford Remele who ascended to the first women CEO of the company, this strategy has certainly served her well throughout her career.

Ms. Grewing discussed finding a mentor that “fits.”  Whether male or female, you should ask yourself if this person is someone you’d like to pattern your career after.  Ms. Daniel Russell had similar opinions of mentorship explaining that the relationship can’t be forced; your mentors should be people you’d like to be friends with.

Chief Justice Gildea spoke of being mindful of your purpose and goals, whether in court or in a deposition.

The session was filled with words of wisdom, encouragement…and a bit of humor!