Paradigm Awards Realtime Coach Subscriptions for Anoka Tech Students


Anoka, MN:  Paradigm Reporting & Captioning has traditionally supported our court reporters of tomorrow by providing scholarships to deserving students at Anoka Technical College.  In the past, the scholarships were awarded based on grades, personal essays submitted by the students, and teacher recommendations.  The selection process was always a very painstaking one because there were always many more qualified and worthy candidates than there were scholarships to give.  This year, Paradigm decided to partner with our friends at Realtime Coach and offer RTC subscriptions to deserving students, thereby reaching more students and providing them with a tool that we truly believe will help advance their pursuit of a court reporting degree.

 Anoka Technical College hosted a contest in which all students received a one-month Realtime Coach subscription.   Realtime Coach is a practice tool that allows you to hook up your machine, log onto a website and practice realtime at speeds ranging from 60 to 260 words per minute while also receiving immediate feedback on mistakes and misstrokes as well as drills to self-correct.  The top seven students posting the most practice time were awarded a one-year subscription to RTC, with the caveat that they maintain a minimum of ten practice hours per week to keep the subscription active.

 Our congratulations go to the following 2011 subscription winners:   Anne Hegerman, Kristen Miinch, Ryan Ziegler, Mindi Oldenburg, Noelle Solinsky, Sarah Anderson, and Mary Krejchi.