Paradigm CART Provider/Captioner Part of NCRA Faculty Webinar


Lisa Richardson, one of Minnesota’s top captioners and CART providers, will be participating in the National Court Reporters Association’s webinar on May 8th entitled “How to Be a Professional Independent Captioner.”

Ms. Richardson began her captioning career in 1988, and was the first person in the state of Minnesota to provide CART and closed captioning services.  Lisa is the current Director of CART and Closed Captioning service at Paradigm Court Reporting & Captioning in Minneapolis, and is one of the founding partners of Paradigm.  Lisa is a true pioneer in the CART and closed captioning fields with the initials behind her name to prove it.  She currently has her RPR (Registered Professional Reporter), CRR (Certified Realtime Reporter), CBC (Certified Broadcast Captioner), and CCP (Certified CART Provider).

For NCRA’s webinar, Lisa Richardson and others will discuss hot topics for court reporters looking to enter the captioning realm such as: maintaining your schedule, providing quality captions, and what agency owners look for in an independent captioner.

Court reporters that go into CART (Communications Access Realtime Translation) and closed captioning use the same skill-set and technology as court reporters in a courtroom or deposition setting.  CART providers and captioners use a stenotype machine to provide speech-to-text translation for things like television programs, sporting events, legislative proceedings, doctor’s appointments, lectures, conventions, etc.  CART/captioning can be used when equal access to the information is needed for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

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