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2017 Posts:

September 2017:  Oh, The Assignments We Get When We Can Type Fast! – Lisa Richardson

August 2017:  “EXCUSE ME!”  Court Reporters and Interruptions:   The Bad, The Ugly…and The Good! – Jan Ballman

July 2017:  It’s Official:  Fourth Graders Find Realtime “Real Cool”! – Anne Hegerman

June 2017:  How Do Court Reporters Keep Up?  Good Question – Angie Ballman Punton

May 2017:  The Five Year Question – Guest Blogger Lisa Knisley

April 2017:  Team Fargo Weaves Work with Friendship – Deanna Sager

March 2017: Stepping Off the Edge: Taking the Leap Into Realtime – Caitlin Albrecht

February 2017:  It turns out you CAN teach an old “dog” some new tricks – Lisa Dyer

January 2017: Deposition Survival Guide for Minnesota Winter – Kelley Zilles

2016 Posts:

December 2016:  Five New Year’s Resolutions for Court Reporting Students – Jan Ballman

November 2016:  Warplanes and Valor – Karen Kelly Larson

October 2016:  A Tribute To A Fargo Legend – Jan Ballman

September 2016:  Planning & Preparation – Key Words in a Court Reporter’s Life – Elizabeth Gangl

August 2016: Oh, the Places We Go! A Day in the Life of a CART Captioner – Lisa Richardson

July 2016:  A Day in My High Heels – Amy Lizotte

June 2016:  Nature vs. Nurture? – Kara Solheid

May 2016:  Real Revelations for “The Real World of Court Reporting” – Caitlin Albrecht

April 2016:  A Seasoned Reporter’s Professional Bag of Tricks – Dana Anderson-Linnell

March 2016:  Why People are Turning to Court Reporters to Transcribe Audio Files – Mary Mitchell

February 2016: Don’t Wait Until You’ve Lost It…Use Scopists/Proofreaders – Paula Richter

January 2016: Why Videotape Your Next Deposition? Look No Further Than “Making a Murderer” – Angie Ballman Punton

2015 Posts:

December 2015: Resolving to Resolve – Angie Ballman Punton

November 2015:  Teamwork in Court Reporting – Lori Morrow

October 2015:  My Involvement in MAVRC – Rachel Erickson

September 2015: The National Court Reporting Foundation: It Feels Good To Give Back! – Jan Ballman

August 2015:  The Importance of Colleagues and Professionals Who Push You – Brittany Blesener

July 2015:  45-Year Retrospective as a Court Reporter…and a Few Tidbits of Advice – Mary Mitchell

June 2015:  Make Time For A Little R&R – Dawn Workman Bounds 

May 2015: Visually Certified – Merilee Johnson

April 2015: Captivating Today’s Juries – Kyle Peterson

March 2015:  Tangents – Nancy Gisch

February 2015:  Realtime Finals For Real?  Work Hard But Smart – Anne Hegerman

January 2015:  We’re “Wild” About Arena Captioning – Angie Ballman Punton

2014 Posts:

December 2014:  Is it Just Me? – Andrea Tungland Heairet

November 2014: Court Reporters In The Thick Of It.  (Life, that is.)  – Guest Blogger Ruthanne Esparza

October 2014: Court Reporting:  Ever Changing; Ever The Same – Lynn Handberg

September 2014:  The Advantages of a Court Reporter’s Flexible Schedule – Kelley Zilles

August 2014:  Gaining Experience & Confidence – Kristi Artnzen

July 2014: Situational Awareness – Elizabeth Gangl

June 2014:  The Fabulous Fraziers – Jan Ballman

May 2014: Adaptation – Dawn Workman Bounds

April 2014: Realtime Is Our Future – Merilee Johnson

March 2014: Life As A Court Reporter:  A Delicate Balancing Act – Amy Lizotte

February 2014: Living Life on the Edge: Why I Love Court Reporting – Caitlin Albrecht

January 2014:  Siri, A Court Reporter?  You Can’t Be “Sirious” ! – Jan Ballman

2013 Posts: 

December 2013: The Boss’s Daughter – Navigation When Mom’s Captain of the Ship – Angie Punton

November 2013: The Day We Deposed A Chair – Lisa Dyer

October 2013: A Celebration of Motion – Nancy Gisch

September 2013: Gopher Game Day – Lisa Richardson

August 2013: You Can’t Pass if You Don’t Go – Merilee Johnson

July 2013:  Realtime Every Time – Anne Hegerman

June 2013:  Smelly or Smelly? – Lori Morrow

May 2013: Humor on the Job – Elizabeth Gangl

April 2013:  A Reply to My Husband, The Court Reporter’s Scopist – Dana Anderson-Linnell

March 2013: A Message to My Wife, The Court Reporter – Brad Linnell

February 2013:  Lessons on Organization From A Court Reporter – Sheila Ford

January 2013:  Two Radically Different Days in the Life of A Court Reporter – Elizabeth Gangl

2012 Posts:

December 2012:  A Year In Review – Angie Ballman Punton

November 2012: Veterans Day and Beyond – Kara Solheid

October 2012:  Happy Hallomeme! – Nancy Gisch

September 2012:  How Can It Be 30 Years?  No Regrets – Andrea Heairet

August 2012:  Videotaping Depositions vs. Making Movies (Fiction) – Charles Bonin

July 2012:  Random Brain Swirls of a Veteran Court Reporter – Mary Mitchell

June 2012:  Depositions v. CART – A Court Reporters Journey to Conquer Both Worlds – Jayne Carriker

May 2012:  My “Leap” Year and the Veterans History Project – Karen Kelly Larson

April 2012:  The Never-Ending Job and Lessons Learned – Elizabeth Gangl

March 2012: Transitioning From Student Court Reporter to Working Court Reporter –
Anne Hegerman

February 2012:  Taking Care of Your Body – A Court Reporter’s Most Important Tool – Dawn Workman Bounds

January 2012:  Viewing the World Through Red-Ink Colored Glasses – Karen Kelly Larson