Paradigm Hosts 5th Annual Veterans History Project Day


2014 vet collage
Paradigm’s 2014 Veterans History Project Day Participants

Paradigm Reporting & Captioning is proud to have captured the first-hand accounts of 34 veterans over our five-year history of hosting an annual “Veterans History Project” Day, in partnership with the National Court Reporters Foundation and the United States Library of Congress.

This year, we welcomed four American veterans to our Minneapolis office to capture their wartime stories:  Mr. Melvin Orenstein, Mr. Keith Rennerfeldt, Mr. Maynard Shaw, and Mr. Kurt Erben.   Our gratitude for their service to the United States is profound, and we were so honored that they chose to participate in this great day.

Paradigm President Jan Ballman, who chairs the National Court Reporters Foundation and brought the VHP initiative to Paradigm in 2014, calls VHP Day “….the greatest day of the Paradigm year.”

To learn more about the VHP at the United States Library of Congress, please visit or watch this short video.

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