Paradigm Hosts 6th Annual Veterans History Project Day


VHPParadigm Court Reporting & Captioning was pleased to honor Philip Chalmers, Ralph McDonough, and Ronald Hall on Thursday, September 10, 2015 at our 6th Annual Veterans History Project Day.  Since 2010, Paradigm has had the pleasure and honor of capturing 37 oral histories for the Library of Congress.

The National Court Reporters Foundation is a long-time partner of the LOC, and has promoted this initiative within NCRA to help collect and preserve first-hand accounts of military experiences for posterity.  NCRF Chair and Paradigm President Jan Ballman calls VHP Day “the best day of the year” at, and has frequently spoken to court reporters and firm owners about how to host their own VHP events across the country.

This year was especially meaningful for Jan, as well as for Paradigm Office Manager Val Travers and Director of Client Relations Angie Punton, as the 2015 veterans were hand-selected by 2013 VHP Day Alum Russell Bovee.  Russ is Jan and Val’s father and Angie’s grandfather.  About a decade ago, Bovee and best friend Ernie McHale, another 2013 VHP Day alum and army veteran, tracked down the group of guys that they played baseball and hockey with while serving abroad in Oji, Japan back in the 1950s.  Each year since the reunions began, one of the vets hosts the veterans and their wives in their hometown.  The gathering was held in Minneapolis for the first time in September.  As part of the festivities, three more Oji Group members had their stories captured by a court reporter and videographer at Paradigm’s event.

If you know a veteran who would be interested in participating in future VHP events, please contact

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