Paradigm President Jan Ballman and PlanetDepos CEO Lisa DiMonte meet with top leaders in the Italian court reporting industry


Gian Paolo Trivulzio, Intersteno; Jan Ballman, Paradigm Reporting & Captioning; Carlo Rodriguez, Accademia Aliprandi; Lisa DiMonte, PlanetDepos; Antonio Fiscella, Sentoscrivo.

Tuscany, Italy:  Paradigm President Jan Ballman, along with PlanetDepos CEO Lisa DiMonte of Washington, DC, met with top Italian court reporting officials on May 23rd to exchange information as well as ideas for possible future collaboration.

After touring Accademia Alprandi, the only court reporting academy in Italy, Ballman and DiMonte attended a presentation by Gian Paolo Trivulzio of Intersteno, an international organization that promotes understanding amongst all nations and cultures concerning its domains of activity, which includes court

Following the presentation, a roundtable discussion was had amongst Ballman, DiMonte, Trivulzio, Carlo Rodriguez, President of Accademia Alprandi, and Antonio Fiscella, President of Sentoscrivo, the largest freelance court reporting agency in Italy.   Discussions surrounded the history of court reporting in Italy, changes in technology, Italian certifications, the Italian court reporting consortium known as ASTREA, as well as rules and regulations for taking depositions in the US and Italy.