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gopher openerBy:  Lisa Richardson – RPR, CRR, CBC, CCP, DSA-MN

I have always loved my job as a court reporter, and I love it even more as a CART provider and a captioner.  (Really, I do not miss doing depositions one bit!)  But I have to admit, my very favorite job of all comes every fall when I go to TCF Bank Stadium to caption the Minnesota Golden Gopher football games!

I’m a huge football fan.  To be able to work while watching a college football game is a dream come true!  At TCF Stadium, I get to sit in the announcer’s booth at the top with a clear view of the whole stadium!  (Not all stadium captioners are that lucky.)  I can see the whole field, including the two big video screens that have the captions projected.

There is a lot of preparation before game day even arrives.  Everything that’s said, sung and/or shown on the video board in the stadium must be captioned, including lots of videos.  So there’s a fair amount of work involved in the days leading up to the game, including checking out all the visiting team’s players’ names, attending the production meeting, and scripting those darn videos.   And do you know all the words to all the current songs they’re playing these days?  I sure don’t but thank you, Google and Bing!

It’s a challenge to be ready with all of that information, but if I had to pick between a depo or captioning at the stadium… well, I think you already know where I’d be!

Go Gophers!

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