CART Services

Round Emblem CART CaptioningCART
We provide CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation)  services to university classrooms (including technology to synch with Braille readers), meetings and events, theater productions, graduation ceremonies and even weddings and funerals. Over the years, Paradigm has been significantly involved in events for several Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing organizations, capturing the spoken word through realtime technology that instantly produces and projects readable English text on a wall or screen. CART live audio feeds can even be delivered remotely through the phone or Internet to individuals and large groups…so you’re never out of the communication loop.

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Remote CART
Similar to onsite CART, by utilizing internet connections and phone lines, live audio is fed from the classroom to the remote CART provider. In turn, speech-to-text translation is instantly transmitted by the CART reporter back to the student/s.

Clinton CART
Paradigm providing CART services for a client when former President Bill Clinton visited the Twin Cities.


Paradigm has provided CART & Captioning for the following organizations and institutions:

  • South Dakota Public Broadcasting
  • Minnesota Timberwolves
  • TPT – Twin Cities Public Television
  • Iowa Public Television
  • Minnesota Legislature
  • Hennepin County Board of Commissioners
  • Minnesota Department of Rehabilitation Services
  • Courage Center
  • Minnesota Department of Economic Security
  • Metro ECSU
  • Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Services, Minnesota
  • Minnesota Commission Serving Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing
  • CSD, Communication Services for the Deaf
  • University of Minnesota
  • College of St. Catherine
  • University of St. Thomas
  • Minnesota Satellite Technology (MNSAT)
  • Regions Hospital
  • Minnesota Department of Education
  • Central Lakes Community College

Paradigm has provided pro bono CART & Captioning for the following nonprofit organizations:

  • Cochlear Implant Club of Minnesota
  • ALDA – Association of Late-Deafened Adults
  • Minnesota Association of Self-Help for Hard-of-Hearing (SHHH) – now known as Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)
  • SHHH – Chapter 1
  • Cochlear Implant Club of Minnesota