Realtime Reporting

paradigm_stock_142Leverage the competitive advantage of realtime reporting at your next deposition. Realtime allows attorneys to receive a live stream of the deposition proceedings directly from the court reporter’s stenograph machine to a laptop or tablet. This allows immediate annotation capabilities as well as the ability to go back and search the transcript for key words. Another powerful advantage afforded by realtime is the ability to go back and reread questions and/or answers multiple times without asking the court reporter to read back and/or signaling that you are reviewing the testimony. Quoting directly from the record as opposed to paraphrasing or summarizing testimony can also help minimize challenges, arguments and objections.

Whether a realtime feed is needed within the same conference room or streamed to a colleague’s computer a world away, Paradigm can deliver. We have more certified realtime specialists than any other court reporting firm in Minnesota.

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Dick & Jane: Episode 7 – Realtime Reporting