Located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, Paradigm/Veritext’s worldwide videoconferencing offers three high-definition videoconferencing suites and dedicated full-time staff for a variety of legal proceedings and business transactions.

Imagine avoiding the cost and inconvenience of business travel and ramping up profitability while still communicating face-to-face with witnesses, experts, business partners and instructors around the world. We make all the arrangements; you simply arrive for the event.

Videoconferencing services include:

  • Employment Interviews
  • Legal Interviews – experts, prospective witnesses, co-counsel
  • Auditions
  • Meetings – intra-firm, clients, opposing counsel
  • Depositions
  • Settlement Conferences
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Training and Demos
  • Focus Groups

Your videoconferencing experience includes Internet connectivity as well as a document camera to send and view documents, charts and photographs just as you would in a face-to-face meeting. The technology is high-definition and in realtime, so there are no delays or image distorting.

Sandler Videoconference Suite – Seats 16