“Staying Fabulous” in Minneapolis!


Minneapolis, Minnesota:  For the third year in a row, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul were ranked number one in the country as the healthiest and most fit!  The American Fitness Index, created by the American College of Sports Medicine, measures healthy behavior including smoking habits, exercise, obesity rates, health problems and access to health care.  The index, created by health and medical experts, also looks at proximity to farmers’ markets, trails, parks, and recreational facilities.

We at Paradigm Court Reporting & Captioning are committed to Staying Fabulous and living healthy lifestyles.  Some of the ways in which we foster and promote this is through inner-office competition like the Active for Life campaign, or our 100 Days of Healthy Eating.  We know that in order for our body to be good to us, we need to be good to it.  Our court reporters and staff also participate in events like the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk, or the Hearing Loss Association of America’s Walk4Hearing.

Not only is being healthy good for ourselves, it also benefits the environment.  For example, in the months of March and April, members of Team Paradigm participated in our Meatless Monday initiative.  Did you know that 1,800-2,500 gallons of water go into processing one pound of meat?  Think of the impact it would have if we all refrained from eating meat once a week!

We are so pleased to know that so many of our friends and neighbors in Minnesota are embracing a “Fabulous” lifestyle.  Our court reporters and staff members at Paradigm will do our part to try and win the Healthiest City Award four years in a row!  Stay Fabulous, Twin Cities!