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July 28, 2016 – Minneapolis, MN:  Paradigm Court Reporting & Captioning, Minnesota’s largest provider of court reporting, captioning, video and trial technology services, has teamed up with Gilbert Mediation Center, a leader in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), to provide neutral mediation space in the Rand Tower, located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis.  A synergistic…(Read More)

A Day in My High Heels


By:  Amy Lizotte, Court Reporter Preparing for a day in my life as a freelance reporter begins before I even open my eyes.  There are many things I sort out in my mind before my feet hit the floor, starting with the big question of the day:  Do I have a job, or am I…(Read More)

By:  Dana Anderson-Linnell While there are likely many common items found in every court reporter’s “luggage,” there are a few gems I’ve begun to carry over the years that are maybe not-so-common for other reporters, but they have been real life-savers for me.  Here’s the short list: A…(Read More)

Resolving to Resolve


By: Angie Ballman Punton “Like sand through an hourglass…so are the days of our lives.” Wait, did I just quote a soap opera?  Yes.  Yes, I did.  Because here we are on the eve of another new year asking ourselves, “Where did the time go?” and nothing personifies the passing of time more vividly…(Read More)

Minneapolis, MN:  Paradigm Court Reporting & Captioning was pleased to attend the inspirational panel of women attorneys at the Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association Women Lawyer’s Breakfast at Windows on Minnesota in the IDS Center downtown Minneapolis.  The panelists featured Chief Justice Lorie Gildea – Minnesota Supreme Court, Sara Grewing – St. Paul City Attorney, Carrie…(Read More)

Minneapolis, MN:  Paradigm court reporters and staff gathered together at Macy’s Downtown Minneapolis for its annual Reporter Meeting and Kick-Off The New Year Bash. This is the one day out of the year that staff and court reporters gather together to celebrate the success of the past year and prepare do better in…(Read More)

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