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Minneapolis, MN:  Minnesota Lawyer just announced its first-ever Reader Rankings, a recognition program set out to highlight the top companies that support the Twin Cities legal community.  Paradigm Reporting & Captioning was honored to be named top choice in three categories by Minnesota Lawyer readers for the 2017 list:  1) Best Court Reporter &amp…(Read More)

By: Kelley Zilles, RPR Going to work for anyone in the cold winter months is no fun.  One thing I do to make my court reporting day less stressful is plan on getting up even earlier than usual.  You never know what the winter weather is going to bring out on the roads.  I always…(Read More)

PRESS RELEASE Minneapolis, MN:  Paradigm Reporting & Captioning, a full-service court reporting and captioning firm headquartered in downtown Minneapolis, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Norman E. Mark Court Reporter Service.  Norm Mark Agency has been the preeminent court reporting firm in Fargo, North Dakota for the past four decades and built its…(Read More)

By:  Elizabeth Gangl, RPR Recently we had five of our grandchildren for a week, ages five and under.  All five have their “lovies,” the little blanket they NEED to go to bed.  Three have pacifiers they MUST HAVE to go to sleep.  The first day we misplaced someone’s NEED and someone else’s MUST…(Read More)

A Day in My High Heels


By:  Amy Lizotte, Court Reporter Preparing for a day in my life as a freelance reporter begins before I even open my eyes.  There are many things I sort out in my mind before my feet hit the floor, starting with the big question of the day:  Do I have a job, or am I…(Read More)

Nature vs. Nurture?


By:  Kara Solheid – RPR I’ve found myself asking this question lately. I have twin boys who will be seniors in high school next year. They are not identical. They have their normal sibling rivalry and disagreements. They are sometimes worst enemies and other times best friends. But the one thing they do agree on…(Read More)

By:  Paula Richter – RPR, RMR, CRR I have been a court reporter for over 20 years.  (I always cringe when an attorney asks me how long I’ve been reporting, as I don’t FEEL that old!)  I love court reporting, and I love being a busy court reporter.  In fact, I start going a…(Read More)

Teamwork in Court Reporting


By:  Lori Morrow – RMR, CRR, CCP, CBC, CLR There are occasions with daily copy, realtime depositions, hearings and arbitrations when we as court reporters have the opportunity to work on a team with other court reporters.  Sometimes it is with one other reporter, and other times it may be a team of three, four,…(Read More)

Paradigm Court Reporting & Captioning was pleased to honor Philip Chalmers, Ralph McDonough, and Ronald Hall on Thursday, September 10, 2015 at our 6th Annual Veterans History Project Day.  Since 2010, Paradigm has had the pleasure and honor of capturing 37 oral histories for the Library of Congress. The National Court Reporters Foundation is a…(Read More)

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