Trial Presentation Technology

Trial Technologies & Courtroom Presentation:

Don’t just tell them…show them.

According to a 1998 Mind Tools study, 65 percent of the population are visual learners.  This includes jurors.   Graphics, videos and animation help grab and hold juror attention and explain complex concepts.   Video clips can be an insanely powerful impeachment tool during trial.

Guard Against “Glazed Eyes Syndrome”

Nothing works faster to lose a jury than having them stare at a blank screen while the video technician blocks and mutes testimony the Judge has ruled objectionable.   Don’t kill their attention with the kill switch; pre-edit sustained objections from the transcript and keep video playbacks seamless.

trial techYou try the case…we’ll run the technology.

  • We visually present your case
  • We create compelling graphics and video clips
  • We provide all technology
  • We tailor to your case and budget

UPGRADE TO PARADIGM… and take your case to the next level!

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