When it comes to videoconferencing in business settings, Skype may not cut it


When I was abroad in Ireland, I used Skype to call my parents in Minnesota.  It was frustrating when the connection was lost or there was a delay in the video feed.  But at the end of the day, we were talking long distance for free, so we couldn’t complain… too much, anyway.

However, when it comes to important meetings, interviews, depositions, etc., these technological interruptions are not acceptable.  Time is valuable.  Time is money.  The technology you use to connect with clients, affiliates and prospects ought to reflect your professional intentions.  A clear, secure, high-definition connection demonstrates that you respect their time and you’re ready to get down to business.

There are many perks to using videoconferencing technology.  One of the primary benefits is the time and money saved on travel.  Especially in an economy where cost-effectiveness is king, you would be surprised by the savings you’ll rack up by remote videoconferencing.  No need to shell out money for airfare, hotels, cab fare, meals.  With your secure, HD connection, you have the sensation of communicating face-to-face, although you may be hundreds, even thousands of miles apart.  If you need helping finding a connecting location for your videoconference, our staff at Paradigm would be happy to help with that!

For a full dramatization on how videoconferencing can save you time and money, watch Tale of Two Attorneys.

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