Videoconferencing: Today’s Alternative to Traveling for Out-of-Town Depositions


Paradigm Worldwide VideoconferencingFor most of us, travel is a means to an end.   It’s a necessary evil to get us out of -25 below zero to warmer climates, or to visit a loved one, or to see the world.   The act of traveling itself has lost most of its sexiness over the years, with security issues, delays, cancelled flights and fast food being the new world order.

If you lived in Minneapolis and needed to take a key deposition in New York, in years gone by the only way to have that face-to-face experience was to get on a plane.   Today, that is no longer a requirement in order to see, observe and assess the witness.   Today, the quality of videoconferencing technology really allows you to be there, without being there.

Videoconferening is an affordable, hassle-free alternative to air travel as a means to attending important depositions, meetings, interviews and the like.   Secure connections and high-definition cameras create the feeling of being present while leveraging the dynamics and advantages that come from being in the same room.

The Tale of Two Lawyers video is a dramatization of two attorneys, each attending an out-of-state deposition – one by air travel and the other by videoconference.  Watch what happens…

Not only does videoconferencing save time and money; it also allows you to get to your son’s basketball game, attend your daughter’s piano recital…and sleep in your own bed at night.

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