Week 2: Paradigm’s 100 Days of Healthy Eating


Week 2:  October 8, 2012

The theme of Week 2 in Paradigm’s 100 Days of Healthy Eating initiative was “Eat Fresh.”  And folks, we’re not talking about Subway!  The challenge was to eat at least one fruit or vegetable with every meal.  Sure, this sounds simple enough.  But as our participants discovered, it’s easier said than done…

The thing about fresh fruit and vegetables is that, well, they don’t stay fresh for long.  The convenience of boxed, canned and processed food is so tempting when we’re always on the go.  Over the course of the week, participants journaled their fruit and vegetable intake noting the variety of items they were eating.  Many people commented that it required more trips to the store than usual to stay stocked.  Week 2 of this challenge definitely shed light on the fact that we’re not getting nearly as many fruits and vegetables as we should.  Whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables are vital to health.  They provide vitamins, minerals, fiber; they are low-fat and low-cal, and they have been proven to reduce the risk of disease.  To find out the recommended servings for your body, visit the CDC’s website: http://www.cdc.gov/nutrition/everyone/fruitsvegetables/howmany.html

We’re “Staying Fabulous” here at Paradigm Court Reporting and Captioning.  After all, Minneapolis, Minnesota was named the Healthiest City in America in 2012!