Week 4: Paradigm’s 100 Days of Healthy Eating


Week 4:  October 22, 2012

The fourth week of our Paradigm court reporting’s Healthy Eating challenge was particularly…well, challenging.  The task?  Avoid deep-fried food and fast food.  Paradigm’s offices are situated in the heart of Downtown St. Paul and Downtown Minneapolis, which both have extensive skyway systems with dozens of tempting fast food options within a several block radius.  Whether you’re a Paradigm court reporter who has a quick 30-minute lunch break at a deposition, or a staff member who is simply uninterested in warming up a frozen meal, the delicious, quick, and oftentimes unhealthy lunch options in the skyway present a daily temptation.

Everyone knows deep fried and fast foods are BAD.  They are loaded with calories, fat, and oftentimes trans fat.  But we also know that these foods are delicious, convenient and readily available.  It’s a tough challenge this week, but our commitment to “Staying Fabulous” keeps us pressing on!